Kiddush Lunch

We have had a longstanding tradition at Beth Am where congregants cook items for the Kiddush luncheon whenever we have a Sanctuary Shabbat (normally the first Shabbat each month, see calendar). This tradition provides an enhanced sense of community, making Beth Am “Feel like Home.”  We need your participation to make this potluck a success.

There are only a few basic rules:

  • Each main dish should serve 12-16 people (12×18 pan or larger)
  • Items must be brought to the synagogue in new, disposable, foil pans
  • All ingredients must be dairy or pareve (containing no animal products)
  • NO peanut or peanut related ingredients; pine nuts and walnuts are OK

If you have any questions, contact Desiree Robinson.
Here are some recipe suggestions:

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