Videos/Live Stream


We look forward to sharing Shabbat and holidays with you – both in person or over the web!

When a broadcast is streaming live, you will see a small red square in the upper left corner of the player below that reads “LIVE”. Click anywhere on the player and the live broadcast will play (already in progress).

To view previous broadcasts (archives), and see a schedule of upcoming broadcasts,  click anywhere on the player. When we are not live streaming, you will see a screen that reads “Beth Am Synagogue is not broadcasting right now.”

You will see two options.
One option
 is to view previous broadcasts (archives). Click that option and you will see clips of previous broadcasts. Click the arrows below the clips to navigate archived broadcasts and select the archived broadcast(s) you are looking for.

second option is to go to the broadcast schedule. If you click on “broadcast schedule,” you will see the dates of upcoming scheduled broadcasts. You also have the option to add the schedule to your personal calendar, and subscribe to receive email notifications about upcoming broadcasts.