Martyrology, Open Forum, and At the Break

October 9, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

Martyrology 2019- A Beth Am Tradition for Thirty -three Years
Beth Am’s Martyrology Service, led by Rheda Becker, has been a special part of Yom Kippur day for our congregation. This year marks the thirty-third anniversary of this traditional service, when we hear about martyrs from different periods of Jewish history. On Yom Kippur afternoon we will hear the remarkable story told in a book by Samuel Kassow called, Who Will Write Our History, about the last days of the Warsaw Ghetto and a secret group formed by a young Polish historian, Emanuel Ringelblum, who gathered an archive of writings by the remaining families and individuals and buried them underground in tin milk cans and boxes. After the war, two of the hidden places were uncovered through the help of the only three survivors of the group.

Open Forum with Rabbi Burg
Following Martyrology, join Rabbi Burg for a celebrated Beth Am tradition that goes back decades to the days of Dr. Louis Kaplan, our founding spiritual leader. Come prepared with quandaries and queries, or just sit back and listen to the stimulating discussion.

At the Break: Beth Am Becomes a Living Museum
Following Open Forum, this interactive tour of 2501 Eutaw Place will highlight our building’s historic architectural features, our building’s history and anchor status in Reservoir Hill and, most of all, the exciting (and at times harrowing) story of our renovation project. Participants will tour the building, guided by youth docents, to encounter storytellers with firsthand knowledge of the project from design to construction.


–  David and Eli Hess, artists who created the handrail for the new grand stair
–  Ed Hord & Jonathan Fishman, Building Task Force/Design Team Chairs
–  Charles Alexander and Jessica Damseaux, lead Architects
–  Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg
–  David Scher, nephew of Efrem Potts and co-chair of the Potts Legacy Society