July 8th, 2012

Dinner date: 6 July 2012

Guests: Patsy & Tony Perlman, Marcia & Robert Kargon, Roz and Nelson Hyman, Judy, David & Abby Drager-Davidoff, Mimi Davidoff

Analogy: We talked about the weather, Mt. Washington, Baltimore, South Africa, travel and life. We were bound by our common connection to Beth Am, but otherwise just really enjoyed the company of new found friends.

Recipe: Curried Sweet Potato Salad 1/4 cup mayonnaise (light okay) 1/4 cup plain yogurt (non-fat okay) 2 teaspoons curry powder 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon course ground mustard 4 cups cooked, peeled and diced sweet potatoes (about 2 large) 1/2 cup dried cranberries (such as Craisins) 1/2 cup pecan pieces, lightly toasted 2 green onions, sliced Salt and pepper to taste Instructions: In a large bowl, combine mayonnaise, curry powder, brown sugar and mustard. Add sweet potatoes, dried cranberries, pecans and green onions. Season with salt and pepper. Chill overnight.

Story: Steve and I are planning a trip to South Africa in August. We were so pleased to find out that Tony is from South Africa. He and Patsy offered us suggestions for sites to see, recommendations about travel within the country, and the offer of guide books.