Passover 5783

Pesach Preparation Details

Goals of Preparation

  • Among other things, keeping kosher for Pesach means that by 11:01am on April 5, we have eaten our last chametz and that by 12:05pm we have no chametz in our possession, in any space we control. We do this by: 
  • Cleaning our homes of all chametz. 
  • Donating, throwing out or burning all chametz which would not keep until after Pesach. 
  • Moving all remaining chametz in our homes out of sight until after the holiday. 
  • Making the declaration which nullifies any minute amount of chametz which we could not find or extract. 
  • Selling chametz which will keep until after Pesach. A form for selling chametz is linked in this email below. It must be completed by close of business on Tuesday, April 4. 

The Particulars 

B’dikat Hametz / The search for chametz  

After dark on Tuesday, April 4, once the house has been made kosher for Pesach, one member of the household places an agreed-upon number (usually 10) pieces of bread in various rooms. A candle is lit, the lights are turned off, and the blessing is recited. 

After the blessing, the search is preferably done in silence. The pieces of chametz are pushed into a paper bag, frequently with a feather and a wooden spoon. The formula for bitul chametz (nullification of the chametz) is then recited and the bag of chametz is set aside to be burned on Wednesday morning.  

Enjoy your last chametz by 11:01am on Wednesday, April 5. Biur chametz (burning the chametz) is done on Wednesday by 12:05pm. First, recite the morning bitul chametz formula and then burn the chametz.  

The blessing and formulas for this beautiful ritual can be found here. They may be recited in Aramaic and/or English. 

You have the opportunity to sell your chametz through Beth Am with a form linked here. Your chametz which you have stored for sale during Pesach will be available to you one hour after Pesach ends on Thursday, April 13 at 9:23pm.