Staff/Board of Trustees


Executive Director
David Rothenberg, , or extension 1121

Norman Weinstein ( or extension 1117)
Norman maintains members’ accounts by sending monthly statements, recording receipts and making bank deposits. He processes the payroll, audits invoices, writes and mails checks. Norm began work at Beth Am March, 2009.

Marketing Communications Coordinator
Dana Snyder,, or extension 1116

Annual Fund and Capital Campaign Coordinator
Rachel Weitzner ( or extension 1120)

Warren McFarlane
Warren can help you set up for an event or bring items in and out of the building. He also makes sure everything is sparkling clean so you can enjoy your activities here in a pleasant atmosphere! Warren has been at Beth Am since 2002.


Board of Trustees

OFFICERS (One-year term)
Jonathan M. Fishman, President
Adina Amith, 1st Vice President
Sally Scott, 2nd Vice President
Bonnie Guralnick, Secretary
Bob Wittenstein, Treasurer

TRUSTEES (One-Year Term  2019)
Heather Ashbury
Anne Moss

Steve Koenigsberg

Brenda Serpick

TRUSTEES (Voting – until Annual Meeting 2020)
David Demsky
Arthur Shulman
Brian Whippo
Karen G. Sugar

Lisa Akchin
Julie Gottlieb
Scott Zeger

RABBI (Voting)
Daniel Cotzin Burg

Lainy LeBow-Sachs

Continuing Ed – Chair Aaron Zelinsky
Continuing Ed Co-Chair – Robert Lieberman
Finance Chair – Bob Wittenstein
Finance Co-Chair – Phil Symonds
Kiddush Chair – Desireé Robinson
Membership Chair – Karen Sugar
Member Engagement – Roberta Greenstein
Religious Services Chair – Jodi Segal
Social Action Chair – Bonnie Guralnick
Social Action Co-Chair – Evan Serpick
Youth Education Co-Chairs – Brenda Serpick, Ariel S. Winter

Annual Fund Chair – Ilene Busch-Vishniac
Annual Fund Co-Chair – Becky Eisen
Balt. Jewish Council Rep. – Joanne Gold
Building Task Force Chair – Ed Hord
Building Task Force Co-Chair – Jonathan M. Fishman
Congregant to Congregant – Joyce Keating
Development Chair – Lainy LeBow-Sachs
Development Co-Chair – Cy Smith
In, For and Of, Inc. Chair – Cindy Paradies
Marketing Chair – Elinor Spokes
Res. Hill Improvement Council – Don Akchin
Security Task Force Chair – Jerry Doctrow
USY Representative – Isabel Lunken