Mission, Vision & Values

Congregations have personalities

People who know Beth Am describe our personality as “warm,” “welcoming,” “child-friendly,” “comfortable,” and “diverse.” An urban synagogue, our congregants work with our neighbors to build a more just city and world. An egalitarian synagogue, we embrace interfaith families, Jews of Color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We have a long tradition of applied Torah learning and intellectual critique, but our services are accessible and participatory. We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Our Mission

To seek Jewish responses to life’s biggest questions.  To foster sacred community in Reservoir Hill. To pursue justice in Baltimore and beyond.

Our Values and Vision

At Beth Am, Jews and their loved ones gather to engage in meaningful community building and discovery.  As an intergenerational community of seekers, we draw on the depth and rootedness of the Jewish textual tradition. We value opportunities to connect with the ineffable oneness our tradition calls God. We embrace healthy skepticism but resist cynicism as we lead lives of curiosity and relevance.

As a do-it-yourself congregation in an historic urban synagogue, we have a deep sense of connection to place. We align our synagogue’s thriving with the well-being of our neighbors and the flourishing of our neighborhood. Our location in an historically Jewish and majority Black community motivates us to build relationships with our neighbors, work to dismantle systemic racism, and pursue justice for our city, country, and planet.

We welcome newcomers with open arms.  As a “House of the People,” we are an assembly of generations gathering in shared spaces to joyfully explore life’s journey in sacred fellowship. We seek ways to map our ancient texts and traditions onto the 21st century’s most pressing challenges.  In so doing, we seek the universal expression of particular Jewish ideals and values.

Beth Am members interact with our shul in various ways. When we gather, we cherish each other’s company, savor good food, laugh together, or enjoy the creative arts. When we daven (pray), we take comfort in familiar melodies and also value the infusion of new tunes and approaches that shake us from complacency. When we advocate, organize, and march for justice, we do so with passion and purpose.

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