Beth Am celebrates each Jewish holiday joyfully, creatively, and communally. Check out our calendar for all upcoming events and services. 

We offer holiday-based social programming in and outside of the synagogue for all members for each Jewish Holiday and Festival. For parents of young children, we provide the opportunity to help educate themselves and their children around holiday-specific customs and Jewish values. A sampling of some of the Holidays and Festivals we celebrate include include Purim (Purim Carnival, Megillah Reading, Purim Schpiel), Passover, Shabbat dinners, Tashlich ceremony in a natural setting, Simchat Torah hakafot, Sukkah hops or decorating parties, Chanukah events, Tu B’Shvat/Lab B’Omer hikes and much more.

Beth Am also provides religious services specifically for families with young children. Saturday mornings include Shabbat Yachad for preschool and elementary age children, and Torah Talks for middle schoolers. Shabbat is Awesome, a musical Friday night service once a month, is geared towards preschoolers. During the high holidays, Camp Tekiah provides a family service, and age-appropriate, holiday related activities.

To plan events, help lead services, or read Torah, contact Rabbi Tyler Dratch.

“My family loves Services in the Park! It’s low stress and the kids have a great time. I think it’s the best way to end a busy week and get ready for Shabbat.” – current Beth Am member and parent

“We met an awesome couple with kids the same age as ours at the Tu B’shvat Picnic last year.” – current Beth Am member and parent

“My son adores “Shabbat is Awesome!” – he is always asking me when he will get to play with the ‘stuffy Torahs’ again.” – current Beth Am member and parent