What are Beth Am Circles?

  • Circles create social and cultural opportunities to deepen your connection to Beth Am and Judaism while building relationships with fellow congregants.
  • Meet, socialize, and engage with other members who share your interests. Small circles groups gather on a regular basis, according to the group’s mission. Meetings may be in-person (observing social distance) or virtual, depending on the group’s format, and leaders of each group (to be determined)  keep the momentum going.
  • We’re dreaming big and are open to feedback! Once we have several Circles going, we’ll see if we need to tweak anything and roll out more every few months. We hope to see Beth Am’ers connecting with each other around Baltimore and beyond!


Suggestion Box

Anyone with an interest can pull together a Beth Am Circle. Do you have an interest that you’d like to share with others?

Let us know what it is and we’ll help you set up a Circle!

Click here to fill out the Circles registration and interest form.