Our Community Leadership

Our Community Leadership

Lay leadership is critical to Beth Am Synagogue

The Board of Trustees consists of members elected annually (each for a 3 year term) as well as the chairs of the standing committees (set forth in the Beth Am bylaws). The Board considers various issues and concerns and, specifically, votes on processes and changes to Beth Am, particularly in regard to hiring, contracts, construction, finance, and programmatic changes.

A smaller Executive Committee, which is composed of Board members (invited by the president) and all officers, delves more deeply into the issues of governance and synagogue operations – frequently making recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Board members are expected to support Beth Am financially as well as with their time, by helping with religious services and support of various programs and educational programs.

There are always opportunities to volunteer in ways that support the full range of offerings at Beth Am, including joining a committee or task force and/or helping to run discrete activities. “If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Adina Amith and/or Executive Director Alex Pomerantz.

Board of Trustees

Officers (One-year term)
President: Adina Amith
1st VP: Sally Scott
2nd VP: David Rocah
Secretary: Bonnie Guralnick
Treasurer: Bob Wittenstein

Trustees for a Three-Year Term (2021 – 2024)
Jeff Spokes
Greg Terry
Margot Goldberg
Aimee Adashek

Trustee for a Two-Year Term Vacancy (2021-2023)
Ana Pavich

(2020 – 2023)
James Jacobs
TJ Intner
Brian Whippo

(2022 – 2025)
David Finkler
Sharon Achinstein
Ben Kelley
Stu Schoenfeld

Past Presidents (Voting)
Jonathan Fishman
Lisa Akchin

Rabbi (Voting)
Daniel Cotzin Burg, Alexander Grass Rabbinic Chair

Honorary Life Member (Non-Voting)
Lainy LeBow-Sachs

Standing Committees (Voting)
Adult Education Chair – Melissa Gerr
Finance Chair – Phil Symonds
House Chair: Ed Hord
Kiddush Chair – Desireé Robinson
Membership Chair – Heather Ashbury
Religious Services Chair – Stu Schoenfeld
Social Action Chair – Natalie Spicyn
Youth Education Chair – TJ Intner

Ad Hoc Committees (Non-voting)
Annual Fund Chair – Jeff Spokes
Annual Fund Co-Chair – Lisa Akchin
Congregant to Congregant – Aimee Adashek
Development Chair – Jim Jacobs
Development Co-Chair – Lisa Akchin
USY Representative – Isabel Lunken

Related Committees & Organizations
Balt. Jewish Council Rep. – Joanne Gold
In, For and Of, Inc. Chair – Jackie Oldham
Res. Hill Improvement Council – Don Akchin