Israel Resources

Please consider the important organizations and initiatives below: 

Broad support for Israeli society during this time of crisis: 

Fighting hunger on both side of the Israel-Gaza border 

Learn more about and fight for the release of our Israeli hostages: 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rav Tyler or Rav Daniel.

Rav Daniel's Visit to Israel

Rav Daniel visited Israel soon after the October 7th attack to bear witness to the devastation in the Gaza Envelope, better understand the armed conflict with Hamas and broader social dynamics within Israeli society and hold our people in their time of need. You can read about his trip in this JTA article or listen to On the Record with Sheila Kast (which also features the story of a powerful peace gathering Rav Tyler helped to lead).  

You are invited to visit Rav Daniel’s Facebook or Instagram pages for an account of his trip, including photos and videos (WARNING: SOME ARE GRAPHIC AND/OR DISTURBING).